Newsletter June 2018



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Staff Training Day

Our agreement with the Vale Council says that we have to close for staff training for a number of days each year. We have decided to close all our projects on Friday June 22ndfor one day. We apologise for the inconvenience.


We are now able to accept old decimal coins, stamps, dollars and Euros as well as old printer cartridges, mobile phones and ASDA receipts. We would also be very grateful for charity bags as we use a lot of them for recycling.

Garden Furniture

We are currently fund raising to buy new garden furniture to use in the hot sunny days of summer. We have already had a picnic and cinema and Mike has agreed to shave his head. Forms are available if anyone wants to sponsor Mike.

Since telling people about our fund raising we have also received some donations of furniture which is great. Thank you to everyone who has supported us already.

ValePlus Quiz

Wanda, one of our new trustees has agreed to run a Quiz on Friday July 13th from 7-00 til 10-30. Tickets will cost £6 each will include a buffet and teams can be up to 6 people. It is an open quiz with all invited. We will however make sure that there will be a round about ValePlus for our service users.

6 month Review feedback forms.

Enclosed in this mailing is the feedback form for the 6 month reviews which were recently sent home. Please let us know if you have not received one. We welcome feedback at any time and it can be done through the usual email contact.

Contact Details

We need to review our contact details. We would be grateful if you could return the form enclosed updating any change of details such as e-mails and mobile numbers.

Coming Soon.

Afternoon Tea and a Duck Race. More details next month

General Data Protection Regulation

Thank you to all those of you who have responded to our request to sign up for

e-mails. The new rules mean that unless you sign up to receive e mails, you will no longer be able to receive information in this way. There is still time to do this and we will be sending out another request by e-mail soon.

Our new policy is also available for you to see if you wish.

All our data is carefully stored both in paper copies and electronically and is not shared with anyone else.

New Office Administrator

As some of you already know, we are looking for a new office administrator to start work in September. The job will be for 20 hours and will cover many aspects of the work already being done by Steve, Dave and Liz, bringing it all under the control of one person. The closing date is June 15th and applications forms are available from the office.


We are still waiting to hear! Look on our Facebook page for updates.


Llantwit Food Co-op

Our Llantwit group are running a food co-op on a Friday. If you want to be part of this you must be able to collect your bags from the centre at 16 Poundfield on a Friday afternoon. Ring Angharad for further details.

Fare Share.

We have signed up to Fare Share which distributes spare food to us every Wednesday. As well as cutting down food waste from the big supermarkets, it also allows us to cut down on our food bills. We also collect from Tesco in Penarth every Tuesday evening when we get food donations from them.